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7/28/08 09:11 am

is back to monday

6/11/08 02:19 pm


10/16/06 11:44 pm - always chasing but never chased

always the chaser and never chased
i followed you to this place
always starting and not finding the finish
guess i got another dead end wish

always the broken and open
i think ive lost the hope
always the heart lives on
but i cant tell for how long

always the one to try
but only succeed to fail
always feeling for something
and never am i holding

always the smallest dreamer
but still never going
always on the end of a wrong choice
that leaves me here


cant really do anything but give it my best shot. i did. i tried for all im worth and i failed. whats a guy to do. tomorrow is a new day. i will sleep well tonite.

9/4/06 10:53 pm - writings from tonight.

i had some time to kill and had some emotions happening. so i wrote stuff.

theirs still a lot of questions i want answered
and im sure you arent totally convinced
that im the greatest guy in the world
but like trees that grow together
were heading toward the sun

tomorrow we can get a little closer
another hundred copyright smiles
and i think i will end happy
like the fish thats found a friend
we are in this bowl together


anything we do
seems to be the most
exciting thing in the world
dont mind me

i think its you
that changes me
and makes everything fun
dont mind me

i hope that we
can be like this forever
and even more one day
dont mind me

the brains and the belle
theirs luck and theirs chance
and i think i got both this time
dont mind me


the life of a turtle
cant always be in its shell
how can it eat
and how can it smell

the life of a flower
cant all be in the ground
it needs to grow
and it needs to be found

the life of my heart
isnt meant to end
so lets see if we
can bring it alive again


keep hoping
always wishing
every moment
longing and dreaming
about us


tomorrow and today
are they one and the same
or is one greater than the other
as a mountain is greater than a hill

now and forever
can they be compared
or is one gonna shine brighter
as the sun is brighter than the moon

you and i
could probably survive apart
but maybe its better together
as apple pie and ice cream


wrote these mid-evening when i was very happy. after that it went less happy.

8/14/06 11:04 pm - just one

stories left unsaid
and hopes laid to bed
im here and im waiting
i feel something breaking

i feel the grey
taking over the color
like the ice
takes over the heart

i wonder why
and i cant find
the answers
to the questions tonite

so i sit
and i think
and i hope
and i dream
and i pray
that tomorrow comes soon

8/2/06 10:20 pm - more random writings

i seriously put a lot of my writings here and nowhere else because barely anyone i know looks here. so its kind of nice.
cause they dont really make sense to you guys. whoever you guys are.

when your friends all say goodnite
and its you and the walls and some sounds
you wonder why every night
ends the same

no one home no voices to hear
nothing to do but hope
am i doing this right
or losing the game


it could be love
or it could be nothing
but tonight
its all im holding

it could be a chance
or it could be air
but today
i have to care


im glad your friend to the friendless and friend to me
im glad you are home to the homeless and a home for me
im glad you are grace to the ungraceful and me
im glad you are hope to the hopeless and hope to me


i failed myself again
ive failed you again
oh what to do
i make you cry

i lost myself again
ive derailed again
i hope you
can explain why

i felt you again
in the warmth of the sun
morning dew
night sky


thanks for reading.
one day. hopefully with the help of the right woman i will turn some of these words into songs.


6/27/06 10:48 pm - writings from the last while

i would rather you be mad at me
than act the way you act with me
i would rather you say harsh words
then leaving me to hear myself


the smell of root beer
and the style of your writing
are things
ill never know again

the way that you walk
and your wonderful laugh
are things
ill never know again


im home, honey where are you?
im home honey, where are you?
ive been here
getting ready
now all i need
is you


your too smart to learn
too dumb to ask
you dont need me


we were little kids
we didnt know what love is
we tried to make it work
but this is for the best

we are a ways
from who we want to be
so we take our paths
and i figure out me


Every day seems longer
than the one before
I have a hunger
for an answer

As i grow my hair
i grow impatient
And i hope a message
will arrive

Doubts attack and love fights back
I dont know how long ill last
Im trying and trying to stay on track
but theirs always the fear of the past


goodnite sweetheart
wherever you are
goodnite love to be
i hope your not far

goodmorning lover
i missed you when my eyes closed
cant sleep
cant wait to see you again

break me
im just here for you
take me apart
and back together again

dont stop dont wait
dont delay the surgery
we will join ourselves together
at the heart


its a hard day
when you find out
she doesnt really love you
she doesnt know what love is
and tomorrow may never come

its a hard night
when all you have is you
and you never asked for this
and your all alone

10/15/05 10:44 pm - random writing

once again
your at the plate
you are ready to swing
but your so scared

im waiting for you
to be the one
that takes a swing
and hits it home

when the day comes
and you prove
that you can show me
the love i want
i will be the happiest
pitcher on earth

our love is the ball
i keep throwing at you
hoping you
are ready for it

so many times
i find your not
you watch it go by
and i pitch again

it happened again tonite
i was begging you
to show your love
for me

but i left the nite
feeling more alone
dreaming of you
coming back before sleep
*this is about my gf being scared of taking the steps to really show she cares and loves me.


cause your the captain of the high seas
heading off into the breeze
beating off the rain
just to see me
*if i work on this more i may like it. this part has a melody that works. its about my gf having to take a boat home every time she hangs out with me(she lives on a island).

you are the coffee of my mornings
and the stars of my nights
i dont know what i would do
without you

ive been walking so long
with no one by my side
i wont let go
of you
without working at it
or even trying
youve been changing me
molding me

not even a word
has been said
but your making me
into a better person

so busy. lots of work, some web work.
canucks hockey is back.
thinking about schooling next year

5/26/05 01:36 pm - how to say it

when it all comes down
the balance is tipped
to one side
and somehow its mine

with all the good things
i see you do
somehow i feel
like theirs something lacking

you could do more
its in you
you know its true
you know it too

giving without getting
will take more than a feeling
choose to love
and love to choose

i would do anything
for you
is their anything more
i can do

4/30/05 09:24 am - well well well

let down
by all your false hope
set down
all the things frailty you built

going so well
everything was doing great
then you fell
you took a side trail

she said
"i cant be your life"
im dead
because she was

but now
im sure it will work out
for the good we all want

so small
are the things you worry about
you call
and theirs only one way to answer
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